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What Is Spinal Subluxation?

What Is Spinal Subluxation?

Symptoms include general localized pain, a tight locked-up sensation, dull ache, lack of mobility when bending or rotating the back or neck, sharp pain, catching sensation, and stabbing pain in the neck, upper back, or lower back.


Vertebral, or spinal, subluxation is a partial dislocation or misalignment of one or more joints in the spine. Subluxations can cause abnormal wear-and-tear of the joint, abnormal musculature, decreased range of motion, decreased nerve function, and pain. Prolonged subluxations lead to severe degeneration, known as subluxation degeneration. One might also develop loss of proper curvatures of the spine, which creates abnormal wear-and-tear of the spine and puts unwanted stress on muscles. Some muscles might get tight or overdeveloped, and others could weaken and shrink.

This subluxation complex, meaning multiple misaligned vertebrae, can contribute to other health problems, the most obvious being back or neck pain. Other less obvious symptoms might be dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system, which controls your organs.

Subluxations can irritate spinal nerves. To understand the importance of the nerves that are extensions of your spinal cord, think about all the different types of vehicles on the highway—trucks, cars, buses, motorcycles—each going to a specific destination to do a special or unique thing. Your nerve impulses act in the same way, traveling the superhighway of your brain, spinal cord, nerve root, all the way to the tiniest nerve in your fingers, toes, organs, and systems of the entire body. They are all traveling at a proper speed and certain function, as long as there is no interference.


Improper position of spinal bones or vertebrae, overuse, and injuries can cause interference of the nervous system highway, causing too much or too little movement of nerve impulse. As mentioned before, you can develop nerve pain such as numbness, tingling, or sharp shooting pain, and might not be getting 100 percent of the signals to other organs of your body. Take, for example, a tree; if there is problem in the roots of the tree, everything from the trunk to the limbs, which are not getting proper nutrients, will slowly starve or become less healthy than the rest of the tree. In simpler terms, if you kink a water hose, it slows the outpouring of water. When dealing with the nerve signals that control every organ in the body, you want 100 percent of nerve function going to every organ and cell of that organ. Vital organs include your thyroid that controls metabolism, intestinal function, and many other organs. There are ways to measure the amount of signals coming from spinal nerves, to test if they are functioning at optimal levels. This is why so many people maintain strict weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly regular chiropractic care. They have decided not to wait for a problem to arise and are taking a proactive approach to their health. We call this “wellness care.”

Subluxations might occur from repetitive abnormal motion at work, sitting too long in the recliner, old accidents and injuries, emotional trauma and chemical trauma or, in most cases, a combination of all of the previously mentioned.


Effective Treatment for Spinal Subluxation

Joint realignment or manipulation by a trained chiropractor • Muscle balance treatments to improve postural strains


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