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Suffering from Chronic Pain?

What Is Facet Joint Syndrome?

Symptoms include general localized pain, a tight locked-up sensation, and dull ache. There is a high probability of chronic dysfunction if not treated. Often these joint dysfunctions occur in whiplash injuries of the neck, as well as lifting injuries of the lower and upper back.

The facet joints can be thought of as hinges of a door, preventing excessive motion, over-twisting, or toppling over. The segments of the spine are stabilized by a number of structures that allow the flexibility needed to bend forward or backward and to twist. It is not uncommon to develop misalignments of the facet joints in the lower back, causing or referring pain in the buttocks or other regions of the back. In the neck, it can refer pain to the shoulders, upper back, and even the base of your skull.

In the anatomy field, there is a fundamental physiological principle called “Hilton’s Law.” It is the principle that the nerve supplying a joint also supplies both the muscles that move the joint. If the joint is not moving properly or is misaligned, it will be giving no signal or abnormal signals to the muscles that support that joint. This is why spinal manipulation works so well. If the joint is not moving or is misaligned, it can cause the supporting muscles to atrophy or weaken. You must first restore proper joint motion before strengthening so you get proper signals from the nerve to the joint. When your spinal joints are not moving at all, or not moving properly, that now creates extra workload on the muscles of the back and, nine times out of 10, creates trigger points in the muscles, or localized muscle spasms.



Susan is a 37-year-old homemaker and mother of four. She was having sharp pain in her back that in certain movements “catches” and won’t let go. She was unable to lift her youngest child for fear of her lower back catching. She had not been taking any medication because she feels there is something mechanically wrong and that medication will not change that but only cover up her problem. After careful examination, it was determined that Susan had severe facet joint syndrome. Just as she suspected—and a women’s intuition is usually right—she had developed a marked increase in curvature of her lower back, irritating her joints, causing severe misalignments and, in certain movements, bringing marked pain. This condition did not occur overnight and, likewise, treatment consisted of 24 sessions of joint realignment via manipulation, along with muscle balance therapy. I am happy to report she ended treatment 100-percent pain-free in all planes of motion.

Effective Treatment for Facet Joint Syndrome

Joint manipulation by a trained chiropractor • Muscle balance treatments to improve postural strains • Core exercises • Natural anti-inflammatory such as Boswellia, turmeric, and hot packs • Electrical stimulation

If you are suffering from chronic joint pain, give us a call and let us help you get back to feeling like yourself with safe and proven effective treatments.

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