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Suffering from Chronic Muscle Pain?

Continuing on with our discussions of the different types of pain, today I will discuss Trigger Points. If you missed out on my two previous blogs on Nerve Pain and Soft Tissue Pain I suggest you go take a look at those!

Trigger Points

You might be thinking right now of that knot in your shoulders or upper back—this is called a “trigger point.” An active trigger point will refer pain to other regions of the body when you apply pressure to it. A latent trigger point is when the pain in the muscle is localized and does not to other regions of the body. Trigger points usually develop in overworked muscles that contract and never relax. Contraction of the muscles compresses on the blood vessels that feed the muscle—nutrients such as oxygen can’t flow to the damaged muscle. What happens to most organisms when they can’t get oxygen? They die. Therefore, this can lead to permanent or chronic damage in muscle tissue. When chronic compression occurs, blood stagnates as it cannot escape and rejuvenate. Lactic acid, a byproduct of muscle use, cannot escape, which leads to irritation and more trigger points, or commonly known as muscle knots. To treat this you want to restore healthy blood flow to get rid of toxins and allow healthy nutrients to return back to that region. Chronic muscle pain develops for several reasons, most commonly due to postural changes, repetitive motions, or emotional stress (we will talk more on stress later in this book.)


Predictable painful regions, which we will call problem areas, are usually located in muscles in the following regions: between your shoulder blades, around your buttocks, and on top of your shoulders. Trigger points or tight muscles can lead to misalignments of the bones of your spine. It is very seldom you don’t find a trigger point without misaligned bones in the neck, upper back, or lower back.

Effective treatment for trigger points includes the following:


  • Joint manipulation to restore proper joint movement and take unwanted workload off the spinal muscles
  • Trigger point therapy to make muscle pain disappear
  • Muscle balance treatments to improve postural strains
  • Natural anti-inflammatory, such as Boswellia extract or turmeric hot packs
  • Electrical muscle stimulation to repair, and relieve, muscle, joint and nerve pain.
  • Magnesium supplementation to relax muscles
  • BioFREEZE Pain Relieving Cream, unique formula containing a variety of effective anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving agents, good for immediate short-term muscle pain relief


What Is The Most Common Soft Tissue Injury That Can Leave You With A Life-Time Of Pain And Misery And Is Missed By Almost All Doctors?


Spinal ligaments play a vital role in supporting the spine, and they are typically damaged due to trauma such as auto accidents or other traumatic injuries. If there is a rupture or tear in this ligament, it can cascade into a number of problems, such as nerve irrigation, chronic muscle spasm, spinal subluxation (vertebral misalignments), chronic neck and back pain, or degenerative spinal arthritis, all of which we have covered in detail. These conditions might not kill you but, perhaps worse, you could slowly lose of quality of life. The American Medical Association Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment 5th Edition grades these impairments even higher than some fractures. This is probably the worst soft tissue diagnosis you could have, and it usually occurs from an acute trauma or accident.


Sadly not all doctors realize this or do not have the specialty knowledge to detect this injury. It is very commonly overlooked and misdiagnosed. These ligament injuries may lead to nerve impingement, irritations, and almost always subluxations or misaligned vertebrae.

Every community in America needs providers who are specialists in the accurate diagnosis and treatment of spinal ligament injuries. When I say “specialist,” I mean doctors who specialize and put their attention, training, and treatment procedures together based on a deeper, more fundamental understanding of this condition. I am a specialist and have extensive training in treating conditions like this.

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Jake Morgan, DC

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