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I was suffering excrutiating shoulder pain for over a month and could not sleep at night due to pain. I went to see Dr. Morgan and he pinpointed the cause as ‘frozen shoulder’ and recommended a treatment regimen that would help me avoid surgery. After the first 2 weeks, the pain was manageable…By the end of my treatment (4 weeks) the pain was completely gone, and nearly all range-of-motion had been restored. It’s been two months since my treatment ended and I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful I feel.  T.Anderson

Before I started my treatments with Dr. Morgan I had a hard time standing up properly due to muscle cramps as well as a stiff and sore neck. After several treatments with Dr. Morgan, I can walk longer distances without pain and I no longer have neck pain or cramps in my back. I would recommend Dr. Morgan to anyone who is in pain. His treatments have done a world of good for me and I know he could help anyone else in pain. J. R. Shirley

I could hardly bend, walk fast, pick up heavy stuff, work or do heavy duty cleaning because it hurt really bad. I was in a lot of discomfort after my wreck. I feel like literaly everything has been shifted back into place. I feel better than I did when I first started coming in. T. Howard

Before coming in for treatment, I could not sit, walk or sleep. Now I feel young again. I’m more relaxed when I sleep and walk. I can ride in the car with more distance without hurting. This is the first and only place I will come from now on. J.J.