New Patient Paperwork

Hi everyone! We are excited that you are interested in becoming a New Patient with us here at Advanced Chiropractic & Spinal Rehab. Welcome to our practice! To make you first visit easier and to save you time, please fill out the new patient intake forms found below before you come. Just print out the forms, fill it out completely and bring it with you for your initial visit. Just make sure and call to schedule your first appointment. Also if you have any of the following, please bring them with you:

Insurance Card and Driver’s License
A list of all Medicines you are taking
Previous Medical Records
Previous X-rays or MRI’s

If you visit is to follow-up on an automobile accident, also bring:
Claim Number
Insurance Company Information
Accident Report
Adjuster’s name and phone number
Contact information for your attorney if you have one.
Any Emergency Room records from the accident that you may have.

Download: New Patient Forms