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Ice or Heat? Dos and Don’ts!!

Ice or Heat?

A question I get daily in my practice is, “Doc, should I use ice or heat for my back pain?” The rule on this is simple: During the first 48 to 72 hours of acute onset of pain, apply ice to the region to minimize inflammation. After that time period, I recommend moving to moist heat. Many people get short-term relief while taking a hot shower or bath. The heat opens blood vessels to the painful or injured regions, allowing more blood flow, which brings in oxygen and other healing nutrients and can flush stagnant toxins from that region.


Stretching Dos and Don’ts

I am willing to bet that all back pain sufferers want long-term relief. One way to accomplish this is to stretch predictable muscles that become chronically tight and pull on your spine.


Start stretching today.

It’s simple. No whining—just do it! Focus on the following muscle groups, as most of them are the muscles that are very commonly affected in postural conditions and can create pain in neck and back regions. Start stretching these muscles:

  1. Hamstrings (backs of thighs)
  2. Hip flexors (front of pelvis)
  3. Buttocks
  4. Lower back
  5. Front of neck
  6. Sides of neck
  7. Forearms
  8. Calves (backs of lower legs)
  9. Chest

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