Are You Still In Pain After a Recent Auto Accident????

Dear Friends,
If you have been recently injured in a car accident, like the most people you are hurting, confused and worried about what to do next. At this point you are wondering…

“Will my car be repaired?”
“Will my injuries hurry up and heal?”
“Will my medical bills be paid?”
“Who is responsible for all of my bills?”
“Will I be paid for the time I’m missing work?”

If you or someone you care about has any of these concerns, please read this special report. My name is Dr. Jake Morgan and on a daily basis I help injured people get relief from recent auto accident injuries in Abilene, TX. It’s a shame, I see too many people misinformed about their rights after being injured. I have seen honest, hard working people being taken advantage of by insurance companies. I have heard and witnessed many horror stories of injured people, families, friends, losing what they rightfully deserve because of big insurance company intimidation tactics.
The scariest and worst things you can do is to do nothing at all. Did you know that you are entitled to reasonable and necessary medical treatment and any future medical treatment due to your injury?

Does this story sound Familiar?

I would like to share a real life example of a person I recently helped after their auto injury. To protect her privacy, I will just call her Jill. Jill is a single hard working mother of 2 kids, who through no fault of her own was involved in a auto accident. Jill injured her neck (whiplash injury) in the accident and went to see her family doctor that prescribed some anti-inflammatories, muscle relaxants and told her that her pain should go away in time. 2 weeks later Jill’s pain had not gone away, she was unable to lift her kids and was not able to sleep through the night without severe neck and arm pain. At this time she was wondering what type of treatment, if any would help. To make things more stressful she was under pressure from her insurance adjustor who kept calling trying to force her into a quick settlement that did not even cover her medical bills. Jill had no idea what to do. Jill made a last ditch effort and called my office. I quickly learned that she had made a number of mistakes. First she did not seek the services of a doctor who specializes in treating auto injuries. Then she tried to negotiate with the insurance company while she was still in pain.
After her exam in my office we determined Jill had a serious ligament injury in her neck, which was diagnosed as permanent and will lead to future arthritis. She sought out proper legal aid and was compensated for all of her medical bills and missed days work.

Why Should You Seek a Doctor who Specializes in Auto Injuries.

Often times seeing your family doctor or walk in clinics may not give you the best opportunity to heal quickly or properly. These doctors are used to dealing with colds, flu, infections and stomach problems. It’s common for some doctors to tell you to take and pain reliever and take the wait and see approach. Advice like that may lead to chronic pain or permanent impairment. Surgical specialist such as orthopedic surgeons and neurosurgeons may not always be the best option unless you think you may require surgery.“A 1992 policy statement from the American Medical Association permits physicians to work with chiropractors. And believe that chiropractic treatment offers a clear benefit to treat whiplash pain. Although chiropractors use many standard medical procedures, they don’t prescribe drugs or perform surgery.” They are not experienced in treating auto accident injuries. I have spent several years treating auto accident victims and have spent countless hours in post-graduate training for auto injury and personal injury cases.

Should I Get An Attorney?

Selecting the right attorney may be critical for your case. Insurance adjustors are trained on how to handle claims as quickly and cheaply as possible. You may need a trained and professional negotiator on your side to guide the process and ensure you get what you deserve. Choosing the right attorney is very important if you choose to go this route. First you want to choose and attorney who specializes in personal injury and not an attorney who specializes in business or family law.

Don’t Go Another Day in Pain. If You Were Injured In a Recent Auto Accident Call My Office Today!

I have the friendliest staff in town, and are well trained in handling confusing paperwork and claims adjustors. My name is Dr. Jake Morgan and I take great pride in treating injured victims of auto accidents. The main reason to choose Dr. Jake Morgan is because he has developed the “Advanced 16 Point Auto Injury Evaluation and Treatment Program”.

This “Advanced 16 Point Auto Injury Evaluation & Treatment Program” consists of:

spinal position
pinched nerves
muscle knots
painful turning
painful catching
chronic stiffness
tendons/ligament damage
joint stiffness
overall joint/body alignment
any necessary x-rays
an in-depth one-on-one consultation to review your results
adhesions in muscles & ligaments

Take a look into the future if you do this program. Ok, now imagine how life will be in a few weeks if you decide not to receive help and guidance for your painful auto injury. Will you still be in pain, are you able to do your hobbies or play with your kids. You are too young to suffer with terrible auto accident injuries. Let’s handle them today.

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“Advanced Auto Injury Evaluation & Treatment Program”.

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