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Chronic Soreness! Is Joint Pain Affecting you life?

As I have discussed in the last couple of blogs there are different types of pain, today we are going to cover Joint Pain. If you need to get caught up on the different types of Pains, take a moment to look back at the blogs covering Nerve Pain, Soft Tissue Pain, and Trigger Point Pain.

Joint Pain


Joint pain may bring to mind,  that pain in you back when you bend forward or that “catch’ when you rotate your neck, or pain in the knee when you get up after sitting for a period of time, from dull ache to chronic soreness, you have 360 joints of the body why do some hurt but not all, what causes joint pain. Keep reading to find out.


Spinal Subluxation (aka Misaligned Vertebrae)

A “vertebral subluxation” is a partial dislocation or misalignment of one or more joints in the spine. Subluxations can cause abnormal wear-and-tear of the joint, abnormal muscle function, decreased range of motion, decreased nerve function, and pain. Prolonged subluxations lead to severe degeneration and create degenerative disc disease, known as “subluxation degeneration.” You might also develop loss of proper curvatures of the spine, causing abnormal wear-and-tear of the spine and putting unwanted stress on muscles. Some muscles might get tight or overdeveloped, and others can weaken and shrink. To correct joint or spinal subluxations, joint manipulation or spinal realignments are applied to restore proper alignment. This might be done with the use of a practitioner’s or chiropractor’s hands, or gentle low force using handheld instruments that gently realign the spine. The only way to reduce subluxations is with some type of mechanical force—just taking pills will not realign a joint problem.


Arthritic Joint Pain

As the space between the vertebrae gets smaller, less padding between them creates bone on bone, and the spine becomes less stable. The body reacts to this by constructing bony growths called “bone spurs” (osteophytes is the medical terminology). Bone spurs can put pressure on the spinal nerves or spinal cord, resulting in pain and affecting nerve function. The common term to describe this is “degeneration” or osteoarthritis. As we discuss further in the up coming blogs, you will learn about different types of potential joint conditions in the spine.

Every community in America needs providers who are specialists in the accurate diagnosis and treatment of Joint Pain. When I say “specialist,” I mean doctors who specialize and put their attention, training, and treatment procedures together based on a deeper, more fundamental understanding of this condition. I am a specialist and have extensive training in treating conditions like this.

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Jake Morgan, DC

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